Field School


The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) offers a three-week field school course at Camp Halsey. Students spend one week at the site learning archaeological skills in mapping, surveying, and excavation. A second week is spent in the archaeology lab on the campus of UCA where students are introduced to artifact processing, curation, and analysis. Students formulate a research question at the beginning of the course and work to address long-term research at the site. Research topics are open to archaeological, historical, and ecological questions. Written results are submitted to the Journal of Undergraduate Research. Students are also encouraged to present their research at the Arkansas Archeological Society or at the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association meetings.

Field School Forms:
Standards for Long Term Curation of Archeological Materials Obtained by Individuals, Agencies, or Firms through Contracts with Federal, State, or Local Governments or Private Corporations

DELOS: A Computerized Artifact and Analysis System

Blank Catalog Form

Modified DELOS catalog schema for Historic Artifacts

Topcon Total Station Instructions